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How to find a financial advisor who’s compatible with you and your lifestyle

Aug 01, 2022 - Canada Life

There’s no one-size fits all answer for finding a financial advisor that’s best suited for meeting your specific financial situation and goals. However, there are tips you can follow to help you find a financial advisor who matches your needs...

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Tips for talking to a financial security advisor for the first time

Jul 25, 2022 - Canada Life

Does the thought of financial security planning feel like unknown territory?...

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Budgeting for a move

Jul 15, 2022 - Canada Life

Common moving expenses to budget for...

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Wes From, CFP®, CLU, CH.F.C., EPC

Certified Financial Planner
Investment Representative

Experienced in providing wealth and estate planning strategies. We want to help families like ours simplify their financial affairs and enhance their current lifestyles.

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy playing hockey, curling and spending time with my family. Happy to help you towards your financial independence.

Austin From

Financial Security Advisor
Investment Representative

Austin is an experienced and knowledgeable financial security advisor who helps clients customize financial security plans. This includes investment selection, insurance recommendations and retirement planning. When not working with clients, Austin enjoys being involved with musical theatre, lacrosse and boardgames with his wife. He's happy to help you towards financial independence!

Laurie From, EPC

Elder Planning Counselor
Financial Security Advisor | Investment Representative

Laurie started her career in the industry in 1986. She left to raise her family in 1992. In 2006, she joined Wes in business after obtaining her life and mutual fund licences. Since then, Laurie has enjoyed assisting Wes with servicing their clients with any changes needed to fulfill their individual financial plans. In her free time, Laurie looks forward to gardening, and cooking. Her true love is filling her home with family and friends as often as possible, especially her grandchildren!


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